Stop Shoulding Yourself | Halo Top |

Curvy or not we all need to stop shouldering ourselves. 

       The first time I saw this commercial spot I honestly had no idea how I felt about it, I had to watch it about 50 times to make sure I was getting the whole pint(lol). Its 3 weeks later and I finally have an opinion, its bitter unlike the ice cream.

       As a proud woman with curvessss I support body positivity and diversity. 100%. I also believe that the media is a cureless cancer spreading negative body images to truly beautiful people. This ad has good intensions but POOR execution. 

I need to stop and mention the woman in this ad. Maria Jimenez Pacifico you GET IT GURL! Please call me anytime and I'll parade in my undies with you, fueling ourselves with a pint of ice-cream, even if its not calorie friendly. As Colombia's First Plus Size Model and 

Anti-Bullying Activist, I can see that she wanted to send a positivity body message at all us curvy girls and guys out there, BUT the rest of the message doesn't seem quite right.   

My great colleague, Luke Laul, is a fantastic Art Director and Graphic Designer had some great opinions and insights about this ad. He brought to my attention a comment that Halo Top replied to: 

“Hey there! Thanks for the comment. At Halo Top, we believe everyone deserves to feel good about themselves for who they are rather than stress out about who they think they ‘should’ be. With our great tasting low-calorie ice cream we try to take away some of that stress around eating dessert, so people can feel good about enjoying their favorite treat."


Luke and I agreed this is the key message for this campaign, but it gets lost somewhere along the way. So what exactly IS the problem? Another comment by a YouTuber really sums it up:

"@Halo Top Creamery That's fantastic, guilt-free ice cream. However, nothing about the ad says anything about that... As all the other comments say which I am sure you have read, being overweight makes people sad and puts them at risk medically. It makes them sad because eating is a guilty pleasure, not because of societal pressures. But because of the risk it puts them at.”

The commercial went from body positivity to medical risks that accompany obesity? Luke believes the copy seems to endorse poor health habits by saying “I should lose weight, workout more, eat more salads, give up desserts." The fact is: the copy is not supporting the key message like it should. Whoever the copywriter is.... tis tis tis honey you completely missed the mark. 

For my copywriters and other art directors out there... what are your opinions on this? 

Luke added that the copy “shoulding” (we find that to be really clever) should be kept but should focus more on the inner thoughts that bring people down about their appearance/weight. They could have taken those negative inner thoughts and told a message about acceptance and the promise of progress. They could have also contradicted the social expectations about what is beautiful. Taking “I ‘should’ be a size 0” and changing it into “I ‘am’ myself and I am beautiful”. 

On the positive note, I want to condone the art directors and creative team despite the disconnection. The style and warm colors of the film make me feel comfortable enough to want to get down to barely anything, dance in my undies, eat ice-cream and love who I am. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED.